Welcome to my ‘Home’. You have arrived here because you are looking for someone who can help you resolve either a relationship or sexual issue, and am wondering if I could be that person.

Selecting ‘Relationship Counselling’ or ‘Psychosexual Therapy’ will explain the common issues people seek help for, but what exactly is counselling and what is therapy?

Relationship Counselling:

An interactive learning process contracted between an individual or couple - and me.

The issues you bring could be social, cultural, economic or emotional and I will approach with empathy in an holistic, non judgemental way, giving you my time, attention and respect. Our time together will give you the opportunity to address and resolve specific problems, make decisions and cope with a crisis whilst developing personal awareness. It may involve working with thoughts and feelings and considering the source of these.

Psychosexual Therapy:

Gathering of personal information leading to a personal treatment plan.

It's still conducted in a non judgemental, emphatic manner, but could be considered more directive than counselling. The work is done in a collaborative way and involves more of a time commitment as you will asked to do ‘homework’, and then discuss the outcome of the assigned tasks; what did you like, dislike, not do and why. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is used.

You are the expert in your life, but recognise that anothers perspective could help.Relationship Counselling in Basingstoke